Published in Montage Magazine

A Rare Find (Summer 2013)

To vintage merchant David Sheflin, all fashion–be it clothing or jewelry–is art, and the vintage genre is akin to a long-lost Renoir. Each Chanel cocktail dress or Louis Rousselet bib is a masterful amalgam of materials that simply cannot be recreated, no matter how the modern-day designer may try… Read

Miami’s Vice (Summer 2013)

Miami exudes sex, with sun-kissed women in barely-there bikinis swarming the city’s beaches and high-energy festivities that go late into the night on hot summer days. And come July, the city’s neighborhood of South Beach is sure to get even steamier… Read

Haute Classics (Fall 2012)

Like any professional multi-tasker might, vintage guru Shareen Mitchell is having some trouble fully focusing on our interview: “Sorry, I’m a little distracted,” she says. A moment ago, she was explaining how her eponymous business, Shareen Vintage, came into being. But her lynx-like green eyes are now locked on a staffer helping someone into a long skirt… Read

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